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link to Do Cows Get Ticks?

Do Cows Get Ticks?

Every spring, we know that the warmer temperatures brings out all those wonderfully annoying insects like bees, spiders, fleas and ticks! We often worry about checking for ticks on our own heads and...

link to Do Geese Eat Fish?

Do Geese Eat Fish?

Many waterfowl birds like ducks and swans like to eat fish, so does that mean that geese eat fish too? Geese are migratory waterfowl that live on and around bodies of water just like ducks and swans,...

link to Are Cows Friendly?

Are Cows Friendly?

There are tons of adorable pictures of cows cozied up with kids all over the internet. As cute as they are in those often photoshopped images, are cows friendly? Can you just snuggle with a cute,...